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The 911 Carrera T


The “T” in the model designation of the Porsche 911 Carrera T stands for touring and traces its history back to the homologation of the 911 T as a touring car in 1968. Since then, the concept of the stripped-down, yet exceptionally sporty setup has been successfully brought to other model lines with the 718 Cayman T, the 718 Boxster T and the Macan T.

The new 911 Carrera T is a commitment to purism. A conscious release for increased driving pleasure. Here are the 7 things you need to know:

1. Weight Reduction

Simple but effective measures were taken for a weight saving of 35kgs, Such as lightweight glass, the removal of the rear seat’s assembly and less sound insulation.

2. Sports Seats Plus

The Sports Seats Plus are firmer and provide even better lateral support compared to standard sports seats. Covered in smooth leather, with seat centres in Sport-Tex with the ‘911’ Logo or optionally embossed with the Porsche Crest.

3. PASM Sports Suspension

Lowered by a further 10mm over the PASM suspension, featuring firmer and stiffer springs and anti-roll bars on the front and rear axles. Resulting in the epitome of purism and exhilarating driving pleasure. On request, the Carrera T can also be ordered with the optional rear-axle steering, which is also normally reserved for models from the Carrera S and up.

4. Manual Transmission

A reduction in the size of the gear lever on the manual models shortened to give a sporty gear change for increased driving pleasure. (The standard 911 T features a seven-speed manual gearbox. An eight-speed PDK is also available).

5. Sports Exhaust System

With central rear silencer brings impressive resonance and an intense sports car sound, just what you would expect from a Porsche 911. The sound of the six-cylinder boxer engine is now an even more striking presence in the interior.

6. 911 T Interior Package

Numerous details include seat belts, accent stripes, decorative stitching and the 911 logo on headrests are available in Slate Grey and Lizard Green.

7. GT Sports Steering Wheel

With multifunctional buttons and adjustments, the Carrera T embodies the true motorsport gene of the 911, including thumb rests and centre top marking on the GT Sports Steering wheel

For more information on the new Porsche 911 Carrera T, contact a member of our team by calling  0121 378 5800 or email info@porschesuttoncoldfield.co.uk . To configure yourown, click  here