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Introducing the new Porsche Cayenne
Introducing the new Porsche Cayenne

Introducing the new Porsche Cayenne


Porsche has ensured this all-new third generation of the Cayenne showcases enhancements in luxury and performance, with comprehensive upgrades to the powertrain, chassis, specification and overall design.

This all-new model has been created to demonstrate a refined take on the latest state-of-the-art package Porsche has implemented on this luxury performance SUV.

“It’s one of the most extensive product upgrades in the history of Porsche,” says Michael Schätzle, Vice President Product Line Cayenne.

And although an SUV, the Cayenne is still a Porsche, meaning it sets the benchmark for the sportiest model in its segment. And with a Coupé version also available, the Cayenne can be tailored to your lifestyle perfectly.

It has become more driver-focused too, with digital enhancements taking centre stage in the interior as part of the 'Porsceh Driver Experience. The all-new Cayenne takes the foundations of a great SUV, and enhances it even further.

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